Gemstone Set to Relieve Stress and Tension

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2 gemstones and a bracelet with spiritual properties that support during stressful periods: financial difficulties, work-related stress, work-life balance.

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 CITRINE stands for energy & strength and strengthens self-confidence, self-esteem, energy and joie de vivre.
 OPAL is a strong activating stone and lowers stress levels
 AMETHYST is a protective stone, reduces headaches, stress and tension and relieves pain.

Product Details

1 Citrine chip bracelet (17 cm)
1 Opal worry stone – Beautiful, high-quality, hand-cut stone (+/- 3 to 4 cm)
1 Amethyst palmstone - Beautiful, high-quality, hand-cut stone (+/- 3 to 4 cm
1 Durable linen gift bag
1 Gemstone card in 3 languages: English - Dutch - French