days of august

Modern jewellery in stainless steel for women that are just like the material: strong, beautiful, and distinctive. 

(Even if some of you don’t know it yet.)

days of august Trondheim Brooch Set days of august Trondheim Brooch Set
days of august Bergen Brooch Set days of august Bergen Brooch Set
days of august Link Brooch days of august Link Brooch

days of august Link Brooch

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About days of august

Marie-Pier – a designer, maker, and purveyor of small treasures.

I believe in the art of simplicity, and how things don’t need to be overdone to be effective. My drive to create has brought me to step out of the box of conventional jewellery making to find my own way of crafting adornments that are minimal, yet striking.

I love how a piece of jewellery has the capacity to ignite something powerful in the person who wears it. It can create a strong sense of identity, become a tool for self expression, or even transport you back to where you were the first time you wore it. It becomes part of your story – part of you. And one thing I know to be true is that we are all looking to feel unique and confident. 

This is what I try to convey in every piece of jewellery I make – a feeling of stepping into yourself. 

You, the women I design for, are just like the material I use : strong, beautiful, and distinctive. (Even if some of you don’t know it yet.)

I am a designer, but really I am a maker of small stainless steel doses of confidence. Of self actualisation.

I created Days of August to help you find that particular piece that will make you feel like who you want to be. It’s that simple. 

mission statement

  I have been against waste and fast fashion my whole life. I am more of a ‘buy the high quality classics and they will last you forever’ kind of gal.

So when I started making jewellery, I knew I wasn’t going to part of the fast-fashion, trendy, ‘must have for this season only’ way of consuming. I wanted to make pieces that would last both structurally and aesthetically. My work was to be timeless, and have the potential to be worn every single day for decade and still be looking as good as new.

It was also very important to me that my pieces be sustainable, and have no carbon footprint at all.

Days of August started off as a creative and ecological project. I found a machinist who worked down my way in South Australia, and I started using his industrial stainless steel offcuts to make jewellery, saving all those pieces that were too small for him to use from landfill.

My packaging is either made from recycled paper (business cards, postcards) or made to keep forever (felt coin purse pouch for the jewellery instead of plastic bags or cardboard boxes)

All of these business practices has made my business carbon neutral since it’s first year in business, back in 2011.