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Phaidon Wine Bar Theory

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Article Number: 9780714865836

The book about not cutting corners or doing things poorly. It’s about wanting the very best and not settling for less. It's an attitude and an approach to work. It’s a theory that can pave your road to success.

“…A solid guideline of how to conduct a respectable small business or sole-proprietorship… Grab a glass of wine and kick back with this book for an evening. It is well worth the time…”—Zabel Illustration

Wine Bar Theory is a business book like no other: a thinker’s business model. David Gilbertson’s 28 Rules are no-nonsense, refreshingly simple lessons for how to run an efficient business, and how to work smart and lean in all walks of life. As one rule follows another, Gilbertson builds a compelling narrative on paving the way to success (and getting that all-important time to go to a wine bar, or just time to think).

Aimed at students, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, small ambitious businesses and the big businesses that want to compete with them, Wine Bar Theory’s wit, fresh perspective and universal themes appeal to a broad readership.

The rules include: make what you do sustainable; keep it simple; know where you are going; invest when you are winning; and be brave, not reckless. And all head for one goal – work smarter, not harder.

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Format: Hardback
Size: 178 x 120 mm
Pages: 128
Illustrations: 30