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Konzuk Orbis Vessel Small, 3 pcs

  • 695 kr
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Article Number: KH1002

This trio of smaller Orbis Vessels serves as an ambient cluster or three distinct design objects. The medley of spheres promoting calm and mindfulness when thoughtfully placed in an interior. Custom packaged as a group of three in a tonal register of Natural Grey, Charcoal Grey and Coal Black.

KONZUK create products that is more architecture than simple accessory.

The vessel expresses a primal lyricism through its austere shape and pitted texture, giving rise to a sense of deep presence. Nowhere is this more evident than in the delicate raw edge of the Orbis Vessel. The opening of the concrete sphere creating a powerful sense of fragmented geometry. Meanwhile, the hand-cast finish renders each as a one-of-a-kind artifact.
This small, beautifully realized object inspires intimacy in the way of a found treasure. Fitting in the palm of the hand, its compact density makes it a prized tactile possession as well.

Orbis Vessels are packaged securely in a striking custom display/gift-worthy container. Each hand-numbered indicating their batch number.

Product Details
Size: Ø5 cm
Colour: 1 Natural Grey, 1 Charcoal Grey, 1 Coal Black
Material: Concrete