Konzuk Kepler Earrings

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Grab attention with these unique Kepler earrings. The earrings create a visually uninterrupted line up from the concrete sphere down to the stainless sphere.

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Article Number: KJ2004

Named after Johannes Kepler, the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer. Best known for “Kepler’s laws of planetary motion,” which speaks about the elliptical motion of planets around the sun. These laws also influenced Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravitation.

KONZUK create jewellery that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory.

Product Details
Material: Concrete/Stainless Steel
Size: 97 mm long, 13.5 mm diameter concrete sphere and 6.5 mm steel sphere

Care Instructions
To keep KONZUK jewellery looking like new please advise that care is taken to store pieces separately from other metal items. When jewellery is worn the surfaces undergo natural changes. For example, polished surfaces become matte, and matte surfaces gradually become shinier. And although sealed, concrete will patina over time becoming darker as a result of oils in the skin. To maintain the brushed look of stainless steel, and to remove small surface scratches, use a piece of synthetic steel wool—like a Scotch-Britepad—to brush a along the surface. Larger scratches and dents can be removed at a local jeweller as well as more intense cleaning with an ultrasound.